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2004 Montgomery Biscuits Alternate

If you're the kind of person who keeps up with the National Today calendar, you'll notice I forgot to mention in last week's Asheville Yacumamas post that another reason (besides Mother's Day) I decided to write about the Asheville Tourists "Copa" cap on that date is because "National Tourism Day" has taken place in the US on May 7 every year since 1983.

Hopefully you forgive my oversight in that instance and in the spirt of continuing on with the National Day trend, today is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day so I’ve got a Montgomery Biscuits alternate cap that I estimate to be from 2004. 

I've talked about the Poochie Effect lots here lately but this logo is latter day Poochie rather than the 1.0 Era, which I believe began in 1994 with the advent of the Charleston RiverDogs, Brevard County Manatees, Ottawa Lynx, Albany Polecats and to a lesser extent, Augusta GreenJackets.

This sweatband tag set is identical to my 2003 Hudson Valley Renegades cap however this Biscuits hat can't be from that season as the following year was their first in Montgomery. This cap must be from 2004 as the next year was when the blue box tags first appeared.

The MILB batterman looks like it's gotten lost while basting in the buttered crown here.

I've deemed this cap fit to be featured on the Trading Block so please don't hesitate to reach out if you want this or any other cap from that list and you have an interesting trade offer such as one of the hats on my Wish List or even just something you think might be interesting to me!

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