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1998-2002 Jupiter Hammerheads - Fresh Fitted Friday

It's the third Friday in April and folks, I'm here to tell you that I'm not done playing tricks on you yet as I've got a snapback for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection!

I'll get to this week's hat and the inspiration behind choosing it shortly but first I want say I've been giving serious thought to the topic of last week's post and I'm starting to really think it just makes more sense to celebrate the new year in April when Spring has begun rather than during the dead of winter.

Another reason to shift the beginning of the year to April is it will then coincide with the start of the MLB season. That particular argument only holds in the northern hemisphere however because the Australian Baseball League season tends to kick off in early-to-middle of November and usually ends near the halfway point in February.

I've mentioned in previous Australia Day posts that I share a birthday with the official national day of Australia and I truly hope to one day experience a baseball game on my birthday. If I'm sticking to this hemisphere, my best bet is going to be to try to make it to a one of the final postseason series of the Dominican Winter League or Puerto Rican Winter League.

One of the dangers of posting to a blog–as opposed to your more legitimate sort of publication–is that I often fall into the usual traps of solipsism. A current example of this is me finding myself completely disregarding the good people celebrating birthdays during the opening week of the 2022 MLB season!

But it's not just birthdays and the beginning of the season that are to be commemorated as today marks the 48th anniversary of Hank Aaron hitting his 715th career home-run to break Babe Ruth's record. I was a few years away from being born then but I am always thrilled to watch footage of that time and hear Aaron's recollection of the events that took place.

Even though Hammerin' Hank is not alive to watch the social progress that will continue to happen in baseball, I wonder what his thoughts would be regarding Cleveland's team playing under the Guardians moniker. I think the reception to the change has been warm so far and it bodes well for Aaron's former team to eventually become known as the Atlanta Hammers.

I know fans in Atlanta love doing their "chop" but the transition to a closed-fist "hammer" should be seamless. I also think it would be fun to have minor league teams like the Mississippi Mallets and Rome Gavels. What would be even better is if the Florida Marlins would swap Single-A franchises with Atlanta so that the Jupiter Hammerheads could be an affiliate of Atlanta.

This cap features the colorway the Hammerheads employed from its inaugural season in 1998 through 2002 while the cyan/tealism version that I posted four years ago is the current iteration which the team has worn since 2003.

I purchased this cap in a bulk lot so please forgive those sweat stains which I don't think I would claim as my own even if that were the case.

The one thing ratty caps like this have going for them is at least they were Made in U.S.A. and the 100% wool crown offers a better fit overall in my opinion.

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection features a classic logo that I should love but it should probably go on the Trading Block as I'm not interested in cleaning off that sweatband. Please do not hesitate reach out to propose a trade for this (or any other cap from that list) if you have something you think I might like. Bonus points if it's something from my Wish List!

As always, thanks for coming back to read about baseball hat geekery. I've got comments disabled here so if you'd like to discuss a trade or simply just chat about hats, please feel free to connect via the following social sites:

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