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The French Laundry "25th Anniversary" Cap (2019)

We're only a week into the 2022 MLB season and can you even believe I'm already pivoting to a cap of a non-baseball team for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post? Well, at least it's for good reason as the hat I'm sharing with you good folks is the perfect hat for today as National Laundry Day is celebrated every year on April 15. 

Fun fact: Chef Thomas Keller's Michelin 3-star restaurant in the Napa Valley got its name because the original site on which The French Laundry currently stands was a laundry. For this reason, the clothespin is a touchstone of the restaurant's branding to this day.

This collaboration between Ebbets Field Flannels and The French Laundry was produced in 2019 in honor of the famed California restaurant's 25th anniversary.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, The French Laundry's cuisine leans toward classical French techniques however the spirit of the dining experience showcases an elegant and personalized style of service that is uniquely American.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have dined at The French Laundry a handful of times due to my former career in hospitality including a stretch working for Chef Keller at one of his restaurants in the Napa Valley.

That chapter in my life presented me with a fair number of difficulties in terms of work-life balance but the benefit of eating at world-class dining destinations over the years has provided me with memories that will last a lifetime and I'll always be proud to wear this hat as a reminder of those times.

 This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is not going on the Trading Block however if you'd like to purchase one, you can do so by visiting the Finesse Store which is Chef Keller's official storefront. Please do not hesitate reach out to propose a trade for this (or any other cap from that list) if you have something you think I might like especially if it's on my Wish List!

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